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Your East Tennessee Wedding Photographer

I'm Rachel Ily and I am so stoked you're here! 
I am a Knoxville based wedding and boudoir photographer that loves to travel! I cannot begin to describe how excited I am that you're considering me to be a part of your journey! If you're looking for someone whose passionate about their work, loves dogs, and is coffee obsessed look no further! You have found your personal hype girl! I cannot wait to meet you! 

meet Your east Tennessee wedding & boudoir photographer! 

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Appreciate moody tones with a little warmth. I like to keep my skin colors natural and true while enhancing the warmer tones of the scenery. I LIVE for a good sun flare!

Need someone to embrace your awkwardness in front of the camera and make you feel at ease. I think most people feel awkward in front of the camera (even me) but that is totally normal. I've got plenty of fun prompts/ suggestions that will keep you and partner laughing for true candid photos! 

Treasure photographs with raw emotion and authenticity. If you're looking for someone who values a mixture of candid and posed photos, look no further. I've got several fun ideas to use! I'm the kind of photographer who is not afraid of getting into weird places/positions to get the best shot!  


You're my people if