Meet your new favorite third wheel! I'm a seasoned wedding photographer with over a decade of experience turning moments into timeless memories. I've been Known for a fun and caring approach, blending artistic flair with heartfelt dedication to ensure every couple feels at ease and every photo tells a beautiful story. My passion for love and laughter frame your perfect day in stunning, candid shots that you'll cherish forever. With an eye for detail and a heart full of passion, I'll capture the magic in every moment, turning your special day into a timeless treasure.

with love, 
     Rachel Ily 

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About Rachel

Knoxville based photography curating love stories into timeless memories

Human connection
Experience over production

Our Approach

We value human connection and the love you have with your people. We enjoy building relationships and getting to know you so we can give our very best and bring out your authentic selves on your special day! 

To be completely honest, we're not like all the rest.

He's been working with me for the last three years as an awesome assistant, great friend, and the one who capture's the more behind the scene moments. Jake is also a full time photographer for jewelry brands. When he isn't working he loves kayaking and fishing! Jake is a wonderful asset to the team and more than likely when book a wedding collection with two photographers, he'll be the there! 

This is Jake! 

meet the other half of the team!