Wedding Flat Lay: Everything You Need to Know

As your wedding photographer wedding flat lays are one of the first items I love to photograph! This is because I love the creativity of staging these sentimental items to portray the entirety of your wedding day. From the colors to the floral arrangements showcasing each thought out decision the couple made to get to this special day.

Flat lay images are wonderful way to bring in a cohesive element when it comes to prints and albums. I personally love using them on social media as a marketing technique and overall they are always timeless in simplicity.

Pop of Color Flat Lay at White Star Station
Pop of Color Flat Lay at White Star Station

What are Wedding Flat Lays?

Many people recognize a wedding flat lay when they see them however, the term itself might not be as familiar. I usually try to explain to my clients that these are part of the detail photos that we take during your wedding day. Detail shots can include the hanging of a wedding dress, table decor, floral arrangements, and so on. As your wedding photographer I carve out time for flat lay photos that include your wedding stationary, accessories, and other sentimental items such something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

How do I stage these photo? I usually bring a styling mat or a unique (clean) floor and lay them out and photograph them! Sounds easy enough, right!? These photos are a cohesive stylish way to document even the most smallest (and sometimes overlooked) details!

I usually recommend putting these items in a box/bag and keeping them in the bridal suite the morning of while you’re getting ready so they’re easily accessible when I arrive! Here are a few common items you can include: wedding shoes, veil, engagement ring, weddings bands, bride’s bouquet, earrings, jewelry, wedding invitations, vow books and much more! We’ll get into more of these later!

Flat Lay Tip

Having your flat lay items in one place makes it easy for me to find them and uses less time when your wedding coverage begins! Gather them up the night before and keep them in a box/bag and i’ll begin with those as soon as I arrive. When I’m finished photographing your flat lay I will return the items to their designated places.

Another great tip: consider cutting off tags and removing any stickers from your items.

Elegant Modern Wedding Flat Lay
Elegant Modern Flat Lay at The Press Room

What Do You Need?

Although each flat lay is different based on the couple and their choice of items. Here are some common items you might want to consider!

  1. Wedding Bands (including your engagement ring) Adding a colorful ring box is a great option and I usually like to bring some with me if you don’t have one
  2. Bridal Accessories: garter, veil, shoes and hair pieces
  3. Bridal Bouquet (You can also ask your florist for any extras like loose petals/ stems)
  4. Wedding Invitations or Invitation Suite (this provides the best base for any flat lay photos)
  5. Vows/ Love Letters (matching vow books or handwritten letters)
  6. Perfume/ Cologne
  7. Groom Accessories: tie, cufflinks, watch, boutonnière
  8. Heirlooms or Sentimental Items (Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue)
  9. Additional Items: Vintage Stamps, ribbons, fabric (pieces from alterations or your mother’s wedding dress) or antique mirrors

A Few Final Words

Whether or not you decide to have your photographer create flat lay photos on your wedding day is completely your choice! I always tell my Bride & Grooms this is your day and it’s all about you!

Regardless of your flat lay choice I would love to be your wedding photographer and document your special day with love and care! You can learn more about me and inquire here!

With love,

Rachel Ily

Knoxville, TN Wedding & Boudoir Photographer